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I - Litter

Born 2008-11-06


S*Stortassen's Alyssa - CZ*Beyrouth Kongo
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S*Stortassen's Iza Female f 23 Reserved
S*Stortassen's Izolde Female f 24 Sold to Denmark
S*Stortassen's Izor Male 23 Reserved
S*Stortassen's Ikaroz Male 23 Reserved

Alyssa  HCM-screened neg. 2008-04-01

Kongo HCM-screened neg. 2008-04-01



CZ*Beyrouth Kongo CH Table Dancer of Black Youcon Cats Halloween of Black Youcon Cats
CH Kissy of Koi Pond
Diana of Beyrouth IC Beyrouth Cat Cabaret*PL JW
ParadiseIsland's Sweet Dream

S*Stortassen's Alyssa

CH NL*Timaracoon's Alisha Black-Sky Belmicoon of Timaracoon * PL
D * Langstteich's Ca'Price
S*Dreamway's Elroy The Extreme  JW DK * Doanto's Chief Big Eagle
IC S*Dreamways Alaska

Available - the kitten is free to ask for

Option - someone is interested, but you can still ask for the kitten

Reserved - someone has paid the downpayment

Sold - full payment is made

All kittens of  S*Stortassen's are when they leave

Along with the kitten come

  • SVERAK pedigree

  • vaccinations and id-papers

  • health-certificate not older then 7 days

  • a written kitten-contract from us

    We will never sell a kitten without a personal contact, and you get a lifelong support from us


    Annica Eriksson & Jörgen Öhrberg

    Väringsgatan 11

    60228 Norrköping


     +4611164365 +46734321232